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The History of the Sanguszkos Palace – the seat of Lubartów Poviat PDF Drukuj

The history of the palace which is currently the seat of Poviat authorities, goes back to the 16th century. In 1543 on the basis of a location privilege granted by king Zygmunt I (Sigismundus I) Piotr Firlej, Lublin and Ruthenian Voivode, (governor and military commander of the province) founded a town bearing the name of Lewartów and  embarked on the construction of a defensive castle which was to serve as his seat. Following the death of Piotr Firlej`s son Mikołaj the ownership of the Lewartów estates along with the castle was transferred to the Kazimierskis family. From 1643 the estates were owned by Prince Władysław Dominik Zasławski, and in 1678 they were inherited by Prince Dymitr Jerzy Korybut Wiśniowiecki. After his death, from 1688 the ownership of the estate remained in the hands of Józef Lubomirski. In 1705 the Lewartów estates were brought as the dowry by Princess Maria Lubomirska to Paweł Karol Sanguszko who then decided to make Lewartów his family seat and bring prosperity and development to the estates. In 1744, by virtue of the charter confirmed by king August III, he changed the town’s name from Lewartów to Lubartów. As of 1839 the palace ceased to be the property of the Sanguszko family. Its successive owners were: the Bank of Poland, Stanisław Mycielski, the Bank of Poland again, Ludwik Grabowski. In 1925 the palace with its garden was bought by the religious congregation of Brothers from the Borderlands who chose the place with an intention of setting up a monastery and a school.  In 1933 the entire interior of the building as well as the roof were gutted by fire. Between 1935 - 1938 the Municipal Governing Body of Lubartów bought out the palace ruins and the garden. The Nazi occupation saw further decline of the building. It was only as late as 1947 that the renovation work was started on the whole building complex and continued through till 1970. In this period the palace was rebuilt and the garden underwent reconstruction according to the design by Gerard Ciołek. In the sixties of the last century the palace became the seat of administration authorities and since 1999 it has been the seat of the authorities of Lubartow Poviat. The technical condition of the structure called for a massive and complex renovation programme. The work at its consecutive stages was proceeding within available means and financial facilities. The special place in the palace now is occupied by its Knights` Hall which, after the purchase of period furnishings and the completion of reconstruction work, returned to its former splendour.


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